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Amdro Cockroach Gel by BASF - New Zealand

Amdro® Cockroach Gel

Cockroach Gel

Fast acting cockroach control

Mode of action: Group 20 insecticide
Active ingredient(s): 20 g/kg hydramethylnon

Amdro® Cockroach Gel has been developed to be easy to use and provide pest control operators with the flexibility needed to treat the toughest of situations. Amdro® Cockroach Gel has a delayed mode of action, allowing cockroaches which have consumed the gel to return to their nest sites carrying the active ingredient where other roaches ingest a lethal dose, through the consumption of feaces and carcasses. Population control is achieved in as little as 24-72 hours.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use application
  • Fast acting solution
  • Gel carried to nests

How it works

Application should be targeted towards places where cockroaches harbour, including within cracks and crevices and in areas of known activity. Placements of between 0.25g to 1g should be applied per m2 depending on the severity of the infestation and the species of cockroach being targeted.

Amdro® Cockroach Gel is compatible with BASF’s entire range of non-repellent technology providing pest control operators the most superior and comprehensive, rotation, residual and resistance strategy available for all situations.

Situation Suitability