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Termidor 100SC Eco-pack bottle

Termidor® 100SC


Mode of action: Group 2 insecticide
Active ingredient(s): 100 g/L Fipronil
Formulation: Suspension concentrate (SC)


Termidor® 100SC Insecticide provides professional pest controllers superior levels of control across a broad range of external pests including ants, cockroaches, spiders and flies. Termidor has been designed using non-repellent technology, providing significant advantages over other inferior insecticides 

Key benefits

  • Advanced non-repellent technology that provides unique treatment flexibility, unsurpassed levels of efficacy and environmental benefits through lower pesticide exposure 
  • Broad spectrum activity on a wide range of pests 
  • Unique Transfer Effect™ that ensures the powerful active ingredient is passed throughout entire populations resulting in total control 

How it works

Termidor 100SC will control ants, cockroaches, web-spinning spiders, house flies and termites (subterranean, damp wood and dry wood termites) by direct contact and residual activity on treated surfaces. Termidor 100SC is best applied as activity increases in early spring.  Follow up applications during summer may be required 
Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect™ ensures the powerful active ingredient can be passed effectively throughout the pest population ensuring pests continue to interact with the insecticide without detection or disruption in behavior – leading to unsurpassed levels of efficacy, long-term residual control and reduced call backs. 

Situation Suitability

Questions and Answers from the Field

  • Can Termidor get rid of house flies?

    BASF’s Termidor 100SC termiticide has been engineered to effectively control various pests, and can get rid of house flies by treating external areas . Termidor's advanced non-repellent technology, professional pest controllers can achieve superior levels of control, ensuring your home stays fly free.

  • Can you use Termidor for cockroaches?

    BASF’s Termidor 100SC is a versatile termiticide that provides exceptional control against a broad spectrum of pests, and can be used to control cockroaches. Termidor’s unique Transfer Effect ensures that the powerful active ingredient, Fipronil, is spread throughout the entire cockroach population, leading to comprehensive extermination.

  • Does Termidor work on millipedes?

    BASF’s Termidor 100SC is a premium termiticide that is effective against a variety of pests, and works on millipedes. Termidor 100SC is the gold standard in pest control that offers broad-spectrum activity, ensuring effective control of millipedes.

  • Does Termidor really work?

    BASF’s Termidor 100SC termiticide is the gold standard in ant and general insect control. Designed using advanced non-repellent technology, it offers unparalleled efficacy levels, especially with its Transfer Effect and works against a range of insects. Whether you're battling ants, spiders, flies, or cockroaches, Termidor 100SC ensures long-term residual control and reduced call-backs, making it a trusted choice among professional pest controllers.